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Music and Mixing at our Fox Chase Branch

Posted by Tompkins VIST Bank on Oct 2, 2019 2:00:00 PM

The 21st annual business card exchange at Tompkins VIST Bank’s Fox Chase Branch came with something extra: students from the Fox Chase Music School who provided a lively accompaniment to the networking activity.

About 50 people attended the recent event; they represented the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Rockledge Fox Chase Business Association and the Northeast Sunrisers Rotary Club.

“My staff and I look forward to hosting this event all year,” said Theresa Guldin, bank manager. “Despite the dominance of email and social media to do business, I think people realize the importance of meeting face to face.” To encourage networking, Theresa gave everyone an “assignment” to make sure everyone connected with a least one or two new people. She then encouraged them to follow-up after the mixer to see how far their new connections could go..

These events are part of Tompkins VIST Bank’s DNA, as is supporting the community. In fact, last month the bank sponsored and coordinated an event involving five chambers along the 422 business corridor. “Working together with each other makes us better business people and creates a stronger community, and the first step getting together,” said Theresa. “The music students performed was the icing on the cake,” she said, adding that the bank gave the school a donation in appreciation of their work.

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Multi-Chamber Mixer Welcomed Back

Posted by Tompkins VIST Bank on Sep 16, 2019 3:04:00 PM

Support and Cooperation Made the Once-Annual Event a Success.

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Have you considered refinancing your home?

Posted by Matthew Sullivan on Aug 20, 2019 3:05:00 PM

With federal mortgage interest rates at historic lows, now may be the time to talk to us about making the most of your mortgage. Many people don’t realize that when you buy a home, you don’t necessarily need to keep the same mortgage and rate for the life of the loan.

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Celebrating 110 Years

Posted by Scott Gruber on Aug 9, 2019 2:57:35 PM


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Details Make Customers Special

Posted by Mark DeYoung on Aug 7, 2019 3:09:00 PM


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Tompkins VIST Bank Hires Matt Sullivan

Posted by Tompkins VIST Bank on Aug 2, 2019 10:43:00 AM

Tompkins VIST Bank announced that Matt Sullivan has joined the company as a mortgage loan originator team. In his position, he is responsible for recommending mortgage products that works best for the customer.

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Tompkins VIST Bank's Fifth Annual AG Luncheon

Posted by Tompkins VIST Bank on Jul 29, 2019 2:12:00 PM

Tompkins VIST Bank recently continued its tradition of hosting an annual luncheon for agricultural customers, and this year – the fifth – was the most successful yet. Over 200 guests, more than the past years, attended the event at the Leesport Farmers Market in Berks County.  The meal included pulled pork, corn on the cob and ice cream. It was served by Tompkins VIST senior leadership and staff. Bank President and CEO Scott Gruber welcomed the group and introduced the agricultural banking team members as well as local officials.

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Chamber Mixer: Great Opportunity to Raise Profile

Posted by Mark DeYoung on Jul 25, 2019 10:03:00 AM


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Five Tips To Help You Save

Posted by Robin Ream on Jul 22, 2019 2:03:00 PM

Most people say they want to save money, but can’t seem to get started.  

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Independence Day and Business Online Lending

Posted by Tompkins VIST Bank on Jul 3, 2019 4:18:27 PM

Independence Day: The perfect time to highlight business online lending.   Even before the first Independence Day, small businesses have been the backbone of the U.S. economy. In fact, many of our founding fathers were business owners: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, to name just a few.

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