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Celebrating our “Educators-in-chief”

Posted by Paula Barron on Nov 20, 2019 5:30:00 PM

Every employer has at least one shining star – someone that stands out above the rest. At Tompkins VIST Bank we are fortunate to have many individuals who rise to the top and this week we are celebrating their accomplishments and dedication. These employees are our tellers and universal bankers that work at our 19 offices. Why refer to them as “educators-in-chief”? Every day customers come into our branches seeking answers to all their financial needs. Who is the first person they turn to – our front line staff. The same people who complete your simple transactions like cashing checks and making deposits also frequently demonstrate technology to our less tech savvy customers who want to learn the benefits of our online platforms; they teach customers how to balance their check books; and how to manage their finances in a positive way to avoid overdrafts; they educate customers on funds availability; and they continuously STOP fraud before it happens when they can. All of these behaviors have a positive effect on the success of Tompkins VIST Bank. Even more importantly it provides our customers with the tools they need to successfully manage their money.

Another important role the universal bankers and tellers play is to connect our customers with specialists within all areas of our company from insurance and wealth management to mortgages and cash management. Why is this important? The life stages customers experience such as buying a new home, expanding a business, sending a child to college all require different financial needs.  Our tellers connecting our customers to the specialist they need provides a very positive customer experience that ultimately results in the customer realizing some of life’s greatest rewards such as home ownership, a college degree, and a financially sound retirement

I feel very lucky to work with all of the branch staff and I am constantly amazed by the incredible work that is done every day not just in our 19 offices, but also in the communities we serve. Look around next time you attend an event in your community and  you’re sure to see us lending a hand whenever we can.

Next time you stop in a Tompkins VIST Bank branch be sure to recognize your favorite “educator-in-chief” and thank them for the value they provide!

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